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Equipoise and Our Mission


Noun - balance of forces or interests.
Verb - balance or counterbalance (something).

Equipoise Chiropractic offers our patients the opportunity to thrive while meeting the demands of a modern life. Through subtle intervention, the body functions as it was designed to balance health and achieve success.

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About the Office

The practice was formed after Dr. Grey and his husband chose to relocate back to San Francisco to be closer to their family and friends. Wanting to practice in the community they live in, they opened their doors on Market Street in Hayes Valley after finding the perfect space to open. Opened adjacent to a personal training and Redcord studio, people can find the resources they need at any stage of their health journey.

Designed to be convenient, new and existing patients can book all their appointments online. Patients are seen efficiently to ensure their busy schedule doesn’t prevent them from getting care and prioritizing their health.

About the Care We Provide

The primary form of care provided at the office is upper cervical chiropractic care. Through the specific analysis of an individual’s unique anatomy, exam results and health history an action care plan is customized. By having their misalignment corrected, their neurology can be balanced and their body can thrive and adapt as it was designed.

Using a technique called Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic, patients are adjusted without any twisting, cracking or popping. This form of care, designed by the late Dr. William Blair, has been standardized and improved upon by the non-profit Blair Upper Cervical Chiropractic Society and has been approved for the curriculum and advanced study by the ICA Upper Cervical Council.

Once patients are holding the correction in their neck, many of their issues resolve on their own. Follow-up care allows for us to confirm the adjustment is holding and then check the rest of the spine and extremities using training Dr. Grey learned from his clinic work and continuing education from the Council on Extremity Adjusting.

About Dr. Josh Grey

Dr. Grey’s first interest in chiropractic came from going with his mom for regular chiropractic visits. At the time, they both thought chiropractic was only when you had symptoms. Many years later, while working at a healthcare technology startup, Josh had low back pain. He was referred by a coworker to see their chiropractor who only adjusted the neck. After his adjustment, Josh no longer had low back pain and was surprised that by having only your neck adjusted, your low back issues could be resolved.

After realizing he wanted to have a more meaningful impact on people’s lives, Josh went back to school to become a healthcare provider. He temporarily relocated from San Francisco to the East Bay where he attended school. At Life Chiropractic College West, Josh learned to be the doctor he is today, winning scholarships in patient communication, achievements of excellence, the study of the Blair Technique, Student of the Year and the President’s Award while graduating cum laude.

Dr. Josh Grey is licensed by both the Board of Chiropractic Examiners in California and Washington State. He has completed additional training in the Blair technique from both the head of technique for The Blair Upper Cervical Society and from a diplomate in the upper cervical junction.

When he isn’t in the office seeing patients or out educating the public about their health and how chiropractic care can play a role in it, he is spending time with his family, working on health goals or discovering new hobbies.

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